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Breast Feeding
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You can lose that baby if you don’t breastfeed him for six months - Vanguard News
I delivered my baby in hospital under the supervision of health workers. Nobody told me about inverted nipples; all I was told was to clean my nipples
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100 Things First-time Moms should know
Magnesium deficiency is a common cause of morning sickness so make sure that you take your vitamins every day.
Good evening sweet mums and docs in the house. Please help me as my 5months baby doesnt like the sight of water not to talk of the water getting close to his mouth. And he is on fomular together with pap. And this makes him to be constipated. Please what can i do to make him take more water. Thanks in anticipation.
Baby Care
Great mummies nd docs in the house, i greet oooo. Please help a first time mummy. My 4 months old baby poos often after feeding since i introduced pap and fomula to him. Please what could be the cause. He still eats well but will poo after feeding.
Baby Care
Hello mums in the house, please can a baby of 4 months start taking pap?
Good evening mummies nd docs in the house. Please my 4 month old baby has patches on his body and his hair cutting seriously. I was told that it was ela, have bathed him with the red flower, used sebamed cream for him, used baby tribotan, used sabresten cream, used agnesia powder, all to to no avail. Went to the hospital, they still prescribed the aforementioned buh i told them that i ve used all. Please help me ooooo!
Baby Care
Good day moms and docs in the house, please at what month do one start introducing other meals to a baby?
Good morning mothers and docs in the house. Please where exactly can one buy this cacatin cream in Abuja?
Baby Care
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