During my first pregnancy, I was taking "Evergreen Natal Care" right from 3months till I gave birth. So I realized that the drugs made my baby to be big which delayed my delivery and even after I was 7cm dilated, and due to prolong labour and too much pain I had to go through C's. So in this my second pregnancy which I was told by my doctor that if I want to try Vagina delivery I must wait till a year and six months before conceiving again, but 2years is more perfect. So I waited till after 2years before conception, mum and doc please I want to know....how many hours do they normally give to a woman that delivered her first baby through C's to try Vagina delivery before looking for another alternative? Then I want to be taking only "Folic acid" till I deliver since they said it very good in pregnancy...and at which month of pregnancy can I start taking it??
It's best to start taking folic acid even before you conceive if not as soon as you get your positive. The main reason for taking folic acid is to prevent neutral tube defect and this is usually formed in the early weeks of pregnancy so start now