For five day now when ever I want to change my two months old baby I normally see blood stain on her inner vest around the Navel, I'm confused
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

During pregnancy, the umbilical cord supplies nutrients and oxygen to your developing baby. After birth, the umbilical cord is no longer needed — so it's clamped and snipped. This leaves behind a short stump. During the healing process, it's normal to see a little blood near the stump. Much like a scab, the cord stump might bleed a little when it falls off. After the stump falls off there will be a small wound. It may take between seven days and 10 days for the area to heal completely . You may see a little blood spot on your baby's nappy. However, contact your baby's doctor if the umbilical area oozes pus, the surrounding skin becomes red and swollen, or the area develops a pink moist bump. These could be signs of an umbilical cord infection. Prompt treatment is needed to stop the infection from spreading.

Since this is already 2 months old baby, This might be a sign of an underlying problem, such an infection or not. So to be on the safer side, you'll need to see a paediatrician as soon as possible