Good morning mummies n docs! I just weaned my baby yesterday but my breasts are swollen, very hard n d pain is excruciating. I massaged dem with warm
What the doctor is saying is that you shouldn't have weaned him all of a sudden, it's supposed to be a gradual process. I weaned my baby finally last week Friday. But I didn't just stop I started with reducing her intake to few times during the day, then later only at night and then like once at night before I now finally stopped. I just had a little engorgement and pain which I didn't have to take any analgesic for. And it has almost stopped now. So u are all that pain because u stopped breastfeeding abruptly. I read that cold cabbage leaves could help reduce the engorgement. Place them all round your breasts, opening up the space for your nipple. Then always wear a very firm bra. You will be fine in no time.
Thanks Dr.Dara 4 d response but I want to know wat to do to relief me of d engorgement and pains. I don't av issues wit d child, he s feeding well. Thanks
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Skip a feeding. See what happens if you offer a bottle or cup of milk instead of nursing. You can substitute pumped breast milk, formula, or whole cow's milk (if your child is at least a year old). Reducing feedings one at a time over a period of weeks gives your child time to adjust.