Immunization My 6weeks old baby is running temperature after immunization yesterday. What do I do?
One of the effects of the pentavalent vaccines given to babies is fever.
Please ensure you have a functioning thermometer at home and a back up too. Check the baby’s temperature from time to time and tepid sponge (dip cloth inside room temperature water and damp on baby’s body). If fever gets to 38 degrees, administer paracetamol for babies every 4 hours but always check the temperature before you do. It would typically resolve within 2 days on its own, fever just needs to be controlled to avoid convulsion.
Side effects after immunisation are mostly mild and usually last one to two days. Babies may be unsettled or sleepy after immunisation. Just give paracetamol , your baby should be fine.

How to treat a high temperature after vaccination?

1) Make sure they're not wearing too many layers of clothes or blankets.
2) Give them plenty to drink.
3) Give your baby liquid paracetamol to bring their temperature down.