My baby is 9weeks old and has a fairly big navel which doesnt pain at all even when i press and it doesn't seem to discomfort her. However, her consul
Umbilical hernias vary in size however usually after the first visit to the Paediatrician or Paediatric Surgeon, it is observed as most of them tend to close by the age 4 or 5 YEARS. Provided there is no risk of incarceration (intestine getting stuck in it, which can eventually lead to obstruction), it can be observed for now. If there are any concerns about the complications mentioned (incarceration or obstruction) operative management may be required before that age. It depends on the size of the defect.
Yes Paediatric Surgeons manage umbilical hernia. That does not mean that they are going to operate her now. But they should see and monitor and tell you if it is going to be conservative or operative management