My baby of 10 months plus sweat too much even when the weather is cold she can't wear Cadigan. And in the night her clothes always get soaked by heat from her body. When she developed fever I took her to hospital and explained to the doctor about the heat but she ignored me in that aspect so am confuse what will I do or is it normal???
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Children are not spared from the heat. So relax, dress your child light, singlets and sleeveless bodysuit should be the wears for this weather. Keep your child hydrated, give a lot of fluid preferably water. Reduce the temperature of the AC more so as to make the room cooler if using AC.
If after you are still bothered about the sweat, visit a paediatrician to confirm if it's a case of true hyperhidrosis
Dr Aina Johnson


The case of excessive sweat (Hyperhidrosis) is not so common but it does exist. For your child it could be due to the weather. It's hot everywhere
If a baby is sweating excessively during the cold weather or in the air-conditioned room when everyone else is feeling cold, you need to see a paediatrician for a thorough evaluation.