My baby of 7 months old has no single teeth & and she hasn’t started crawling also. Please should I be worried?
My daughter had her first tooth at 10 months old, did not crawl at all but went straight to standing up at 7 months and walking at 8 months. I equally know another baby whose first tooth was at 4 months, crawled at 6 months, walked at 10 months. Also another, first tooth at 13 months, did not crawl at all and walked at 16 months. My point is,babies are different and would hit their developmental milestones when its their time to do, its also important to know that not all babies crawl before walking. Please give your baby time, these things will happen. For now, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
Babies crawl when they are ready. Crawling starts averagely 9 months but some babies never crawl
Dear Mum, teething usually starts between 3months and 12months of age. If no tooth erupts at age 1 then kindly see a Dentist . For now, there's no need to worry