My neighbour has a stepson that move in with them, the is 6yrs he has this heavy dried cough that anytime he's coughing you'll think is an elderly person that's coughing and she said the cough started when the boy was 1yr according to his mum. They've taken him to General Hospital to run an x-ray on him and they gave him some drugs and he has finished the drugs but no improvement. So my question now is what else can she do?
Theres a need to figure out the caus ,Many things can triggers the dry cough include dust, grasses, hot or cold water, fumes, perfumes, food especially nuts, certain drinks, even fruits... The list is endless
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kindly take the child to a Paediatric doctor,or The Respiratory clinic of any of the Paediatric Outpatient Clinic of any of the Teaching Hospitals closest to you, they are in the best position to take proper care of child health issues. Any cough that have lasted for more than two weeks needs a paediatrician's attention for proper evaluation and treatment.