My one year an old baby girl who eats a lot. She's never full and she wasn't like this before. I did exclusive breastfeeding for her and weaned her at a yr two months. After d exclusive she did not used to eat. Only tea and cereals no staple food. Then she fell very ill. When she recovered she became a glutton, lol. So I'm thinking maybe I should deworm her to know if its worms that is disturbing her or maybe its just a phase. Thank u. If u suggest deworming pls tell me which one is most suitable for her age.
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Hello ma'am. You're concerned about your child eating too much while some want theirs to eat. As long as the meals are balanced nutrition wise, there is no cause for alarm. You can also watch her weight to be sure she's not gaining too much weight
Also, You can deworm children from 1 yr and intervals of every 6months. You can get Albendazole over the counter