My son is 5 years old and asthmatic....we discovered this when he was three and took him to the clinic whenever he had the terrible coughs and couldn't breathe properly while his breath whistled and then was nebulized several times... so for a long time now he has not had any of those attacks except that for like 5 months now he has been having constant catarrh every evening even when he uses hot or warm water to bath. The catarrh is always very thick that he can not breathe properly with constant sneezing......sometimes even in afternoon if he goes to poop, just by standing on the bathroom cold ground the catarrh starts till the next day when everywhere is warm.....please this is serious, even when he washes with cold water the terrible catarrh starts again.....what can I do please......sorry for the long post..this is really frustrating.
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There are allergic control medications. Kindly see a paediatrician for thorough evaluation and management
Also note that you can avoid known triggers like dust, grasses, hot or cold water, fumes, perfumes, food especially nuts, certain drinks, even fruits... The list is endless. If the trigger is unknown, you have to manage the condition which may require regular use of controller medications