10 Healthy Nigerian Snack Ideas For Your Toddler


It is normal for your toddler to be a picky eater because they are going through various stages of development. These stages of development may include changes in taste buds and sensitivity to new flavours and textures.



As much as it is worrisome, you must be patient with your selective toddler and avoid fussing over it. Given their little interest in meals, they may stick to a preferred meal or rotate between limited varieties, contributing to poor growth and poor nutrition. 



Ensure that whatever meal your baby opts for should contain the proper nutrients. Introducing other food plans and times can help explore tips and tricks for navigating meal times. This blog post will focus on the importance of snack time and offer healthy Nigerian snack ideas for your toddler.



     Importance of snack time for toddlers 

You cannot underestimate the importance of snack time for your toddler. It is paramount to introduce snacktime into your toddler’s day for several reasons;


  • Snacktime may help prevent overeating at meals, especially in toddlers who are heavy eaters, while still maintaining sufficient nutrient intake.
  • Snacktime helps to maintain a regular eating schedule, which is essential for the growth and development of your toddler. 
  • If your toddler is a picky eater, snacks offer a chance to explore new foods and flavours, introducing more nutrients like iron, calcium and vitamins to your toddler’s diet. 
  • It allows you to introduce healthy food that your baby may not have eaten if added to the main meal, such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Some snacks serve as an appetite boost, which benefits babies who do not love to eat.
  •  Most toddlers become hungry and frustrated if they stretch for a few hours without eating. Proper mealtime may not be what is needed at that point. Healthy snacks help to top up your toddler’s energy levels and equally prevent your toddler from getting hungry and cranky. 
  • Snacktime helps to ensure socialisation and promote good eating behaviours in your toddler. You do not necessarily have to feed them; it is the leisure part of mealtime. You serve the snacks and watch them pick and nibble at each other while guiding them.



 10 healthy Nigerian snack ideas for your toddler 


Your toddler needs nutrient-dense snacks to complement the little they may have gotten from mealtime. Since toddlers usually do not finish meals on time, healthy snacks can help even the diet. 


  • Eggs: Eggs are a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals and are ideal for snacking. You can make it as hard-boiled and cut up in sizes or as omelettes or scrambled with sprinkles of veggies. 


  • Fresh fruits: Whole fruits are enriched with essential vitamins and other nutrients. It also serves as an appetite boost, which makes it healthy for your toddler. Children easily relish fruits like bananas.


  • Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes, especially boiled, are a healthy choice for babies. If you must fry, ensure to do so with minimal salt or minimal oil. You can also serve it with scrambled eggs or a sprinkle of stew.


  • Bread toast: Breads contain carbohydrates vital for development and equally great for snack time. Choose a healthy whole-grain bread to toast with veggies and eggs.


  • Chicken: Chicken breasts can serve as finger food for your toddler and will, therefore, pass as snacks. Cook till tender and dice into tiny pieces. 


  • Puff-puff: Puff-puff is the ultimate Nigerian homemade snack. It is prepared by spicing your batter and deep-frying in vegetable oil. Ensure it is not too greasy or oily.


  • Smoothies: Aside from easy preparation, a juicy blend of fruits and vegetables is excellent for snacking, especially on afternoons. 


  • Akara: Akara, also known as bean cakes made from bean flour, is one of the most common Nigerian snacks. When frying for your toddler, you should pay adequate care to spice minimally.


  • Avocado puree: When preparing this purée for your toddler, blend the avocados using a blender food processor or mash till smooth and creamy. This is perfect for snacking as it is nutritious and easily digested.


  • Banana/Oats pancakes: This buttery blend is a sweet and healthy treat for your toddler. It’s ideal for any time of the day.


Snack time is an integral part of a toddler's day. It helps ensure that no nutrient is left out from your toddler’s meals while keeping them energised and satisfied. There are many other healthy Nigerian snack options available. Also, check with your baby’s paediatrician to ensure which suits your toddler.



           Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can I make my picky toddler eat?

Getting a picky toddler to eat can be a challenge. Keep in mind that it would require patience to manoeuvre through. You should introduce new meals gradually, make eating fun, and be expressive when feeding your toddler. 


What is a good snack for my 2-year-old?

You can give them small portions from their everyday meal or thin slices of fruits like orange fingers, bananas and apples, incorporating vegetables too. Ensure that whatever snacks are given is a healthy one.


Can I give my toddler an energy drink?

Energy drinks are not suitable for your toddler. It contains a high level of caffeine, which may cause potential harm.

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