Five Hausa Educational YouTube Channels For Toddlers


 This article explores 5 YouTube channels specifically designed to capture the attention of toddlers, using the familiar sounds and language of Hausa. These channels also offer a variety of content, from catchy songs and rhymes to colorful animations and interactive stories.



Five Hausa YouTube channels for toddlers


Akili and Me: This edutainment channel features fun and educational preschool learning videos. While not exclusively in Hausa, it incorporates Hausa elements like characters and occasional narration. 


Edufun Learning Station: This channel offers a mix of educational content, including sing-alongs, rhymes, and stories. Some videos are in Hausa, while others are in English.


Hausa Children’s Stories: This channel features traditional Hausa folktales narrated in Hausa.


Yara TV: This channel offers a variety of children’s content, including animation, rhymes, and stories. While not solely in Hausa, it features some content in the language. 


Inuwa Kids: This channel provides educational content for children, including counting, colours, and the alphabet. While the main language is English, some videos incorporate Hausa words and phrases.


While there may not be a significant number of Hausa-specific YouTube channels solely catering to toddlers, exploring content from channels like “Akili and Me” can offer a blend of educational and entertaining content in an African context. Remember, it’s crucial to supervise your child’s screen time and ensure the content aligns with your values.

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