5 Nigerian Educational YouTube Channels for Toddlers


With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became essential to discover educational channels online for kids, especially when attending physical school wasn’t accessible.


Beyond that, the world is leaning digitally. Online learning resources help educate and enlighten children using the best and easiest technologies. 


In this article, we review 5 Nigerian educational YouTube channels for your toddler. These channels help educate and inform your toddler. They interact with them and provide representation through animation.


Why online learning is good for your kids? 

Online learning has several advantages, so keep reading if you’re wondering why your child should participate. Online education offers a lot of flexibility. It enables your child to learn from people from all walks of life. It is also highly participatory, especially when contrasted to certain physical classes where there are too many pupils. Thus, making individualized attention a challenge. 


In addition, it offers a more diverse selection of resources and allows you to modify the curriculum to fit your child’s learning. Online learning is practical and exposes young children to new ideas and concepts.


5 Nigerian educational YouTube channels for your toddler

Nigerian YouTube channels focusing on educating preschoolers are more scarce than one envisages. After checking several channels, here are 5 educational channels for your toddler:


  1. Akili and Me: Akili and Me is an educational television program produced in Tanzania by Ubongo Media. However, Akili and Me can be found in Nigeria and aired on TV. While depicting Africa, it uses animation to create children’s stories that are both educational and entertaining. The show centers on a young girl named Akili and her animal companions in a vivid and imaginative universe. This preschool-focused YouTube channel emphasizes early childhood development, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities.


  1. Omo Berry: Omo Berry is a Nigerian YouTube channel that entertains children while promoting cross-cultural material, academic growth, pre-social school development, and character development. It combines stunning 3D graphics and music to create an inclusive learning experience for your child. 


  1. Bino and Fino: Specifically created for kids of African heritage, Bino and Fino is an educational YouTube channel and animated series. The program spotlights the exploits of Bino and Fino, two young African siblings, as they discover various facets of African culture, and history. 


  1. Kpakpando-Rhymes in Igbo: Nigerian YouTube channel Kpakpando specializes in Igbo lyrics and music. To help kids learn the Igbo culture and dialect, it combines a nice 3D image and an incredible interpretation. It is also very beneficial for young children learning languages. It is ideally suited for Nigeria's young minds. 


  1. Turtle Taido: Turtle Taido is a YouTube channel with educational content that includes an animated series to enlighten and entertain kids about Nigerian culture, history, and life lessons. The show centres on Turtle Taido, a curious and daring turtle who visits many regions of Nigeria and picks up important lessons along the way. While presenting them, the animated episodes frequently highlight historical occurrences, cultural variety, and traditional values.


How did we pick? (Criteria)

We prioritised these standards to select these YouTube channels:

  1. Representation of Nigerian and African cultures.
  2. Appealing musical compositions and attractive graphics.
  3. Instructive and entertaining content.
  4. Recurring postings and instruction of children.
  5. Using believable characters to captivate preschoolers.
  6. Having a strong moral and social education


Online learning is a great tool to equip your toddler with early knowledge. However, if you're concerned about filtering what your kids watch online, review content and enable parental control. You may also turn off auto-play and teach your child what content to follow while monitoring their activity. 


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Will my toddler learn through YouTube?

YouTube is a great learning platform beneficial for your toddler’s learning.


Are these YouTube channels free?

 YouTube is free. However, the premium version is paid and has certain added benefits depending on what channel you use.


Which Nigerian educational YouTube channels are good for kids?

Omo Berry, Akili and Me, Turtle Taido, Kpakpando, and Bino and Fino.


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