100 Modern Nigerian baby Boy names and their Meanings

Naming your baby can be very tedious. You will probably consider a lot of factors and the most interesting part is that there are so many names and options to choose for your baby.

Since you will probably be using your baby's name a lot, It's worth taking the time and putting in the effort to find that perfect name.

Here is a collection of some modern Nigerian baby names to help you make a better decision.


10 Modern Nigerian baby boy names for Yorubas


Sunkanmi Draw close to me.
Toluwalase Authority belongs to God
Oladotun Wealth has become renewed
Okikiimole Fame of light
Mobolaji A boy who is born of wealth
Iyiola The prestige of wealth
Alade The crowned one
Akeju Over-pampered
Adetunji The crown is woken again
Adaramola One who compliments wealth with beauty


10 Modern Nigerian baby boy names for Hausas


Nahantsi  A male child born at dawn
Sarki A child with a king name
Yohance Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful
Bako A child who was born after the arrival of visitors in a household
Dandawo A child who was born when his mother was pounding millet delicacy
Dangali The only son in the family
Daran Born at night, small and great
Hasan Good, beautiful, beautifier
Jigo Leader/ The only son in the midst of sisters
Nomau  A male born during the farming season


10 Modern Nigerian baby boy names for Igbos


Bunkechukwu The one who belongs to God.
Chidubem Lead me oh God
Ewezugachukwu If not for God
Chibuike God is strength. 
Ifechukwude  What God has written
Osita May good things stay permanent
Osinachi Sent from God
Otito  Praise
Ozichukwu Message from God
Somayina I shall not walk alone


10 Modern Nigerian baby boy names for Uhrubo


 Achojah  Rise up to a challenge
 Agbarha  Born in Agbarha
 Ahwinahwi  A very dark person
 Akpenvwoghene  Praise God
 Akpofure  Life is now peaceful
 Akporvwovwo  A good life in later years
 Ejaita  Let them say
 Ejiroghene  Praise God
 Ejokparoghene  Let us trust in God
 Ejomafuvwe  Let peace reign in my life



10 Modern Nigerian baby boy names for Ijaw


 Abiddekari  Ask them before you say anything
 Abosimagha  My coming was not wrong
 Adaere  Father's name
 Adagogo  Grand father's resemblance
 Adango  Father's wealth
 Adaobu  A child born after the death of the father
  Adawari  Grand father's house
  Afini  The fire of God
 Datonye  God's plan
  Datubo  The father's child


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