5 Nigerian Foods To Avoid In Your Third Semester  


In the third trimester of pregnancy, it is advisable to eat more healthy meals and avoid certain types of foods to ensure both mother and baby are safe. Certain foods can be dangerous to the health of the mother and child at this final stage.


Why diet is important in the third trimester of pregnancy


Having a good and balanced diet is very crucial at this stage because it has a lot to do with the 'before and after' of the pregnancy journey. And there are many other reasons attached to this:


It helps during postpartum: As an expectant mom, when you place more priority and caution on the food you eat during pregnancy and you eat healthy, it will contribute to a fast and easy recovery during your postpartum.


Boosting your energy: Eating healthy foods helps to boost your energy levels and gives strength to your body.


Prevent complications: Eating healthy food helps to avoid complications in pregnancy and after pregnancy and also keeps the baby in good health


Growth and development: The third trimester of pregnancy is an important season of your baby's growth and development. Their organs and bones are still growing and they need adequate nutrients to maintain their growth.


Mother's overall health: When a mother is healthy all around, it is easy for her to avoid certain complications and conditions in pregnancy such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and high blood pressure. So having a balanced diet is beneficial.




5 Nigerian foods to avoid in your third trimester


Below is a list of some Nigerian foods to avoid to prevent complications and certain conditions before and after pregnancy:


Salty foods: Some foods contain more salt than others like canned foods, which sometimes are preserved with salt. It is advisable to reduce the intake of salt to its barest minimum to avoid complications like preeclampsia and high blood pressure. 


Unripe papaya: This is also called unripe pawpaw. The fact that it is unripe makes it more dangerous to the health because it contains latex which can quickly stimulate labour by causing early contractions.



Herbal teas and excessive caffeinated drinks: As a pregnant mom, you need to reduce the intake of caffeine in your soda drinks and coffee. Because there is an amount of caffeine you should have daily and at intervals. Also for herbal teas, speak with your healthcare provider before consuming them because they may have risks and side effects. Your health and that of the baby is important.



Contaminated fruits and vegetables: Some fruits and vegetables already have germs in them from the place of purchase, so you must wash them thoroughly before eating them. Also, make sure you check the surroundings where you are buying from. It should be a clean place.



Fish with high mercury: Fishes like shark, tuna, and king mackerel can harm a developing baby's nervous system. You must take caution and eat fish with low mercury like catfish and tilapia. Those are considered safe for mother and child.



It is important to take proper care and precaution on the foods you take into your body system in the third trimester Take caution to prevent complications and other birth defects.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I take pawpaw in my third trimester?

Eating pawpaw in your third trimester is considered healthy because it contains vitamin C which is essential to the immune system, but avoid unripe or semi-ripe pawpaw. It can be dangerous.


Can I take pineapple in my third trimester?

Like pawpaw, it also contains vitamin C and is healthy to eat but must be taken in moderation to avoid stimulating effects that lead to early contractions.


Is it safe to drink zobo during pregnancy? 

Yes, it is safe but only when taken in moderation because of the sugar and caffeine content in it. 


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