3 Smart ways to cut your baby's nails

If you've ever been scared of clipping your baby's teeny-tiny nails. Trust me, you're not alone. Even though baby's nails appears very soft and vulnerable, they need to be trimmed regularly.

Here are 3 smart ways to cut your baby's nail safely:


1) Clip while baby sleeps
The best time to cut your baby's nails is while she's sleeping. Another good time is right after a bath when your baby's nails are softest.Wait until your baby is sleeping to clip her nails. The fun part is she might sleep while you're through with it.

2) File them down
Trying to file your baby's nails especially with an emery board is the least difficult, and perhaps the safest way to do it, but it takes more time. And you must be careful not to file the tender skin under the nail bed. Don't use a metal nail file, which may be too rough for baby's skin.

3) Use a baby nail clipper
Clip your baby's nails as you would your own, gently pushing back the fingertip from the nail to allow space for the clipper. This helps prevent clipping your baby's finger. Short little clips above the white nail line will help prevent clipping too close. For toenails, clip straight across. Keep a firm hold on your child's hand (or foot) as you clip. You can also use scissor-shaped clippers or manicure scissors. Smooth rough edges with an emery board.



Quick note:

If you still don't have the courage (or the time) to clip your little one's nails, try seeking help from your partner. If you accidentally cut your baby's nail. Quickly rinse with a cool water, and carefully wrap a tissue around your baby's finger and hold slightly with a little pressure. The bleeding usually stops in a couple of minutes.Never try to put a bandage on your baby's finger. Don't forget to seek your doctor's help as soon as possible.



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