6 Most Effective Ways to Quickly Recover from Stitches after Delivery

Nobody tells you how painful post-delivery tears are, but hang in there the pain and discomfort should only last a few days (between 7- 10 days) if properly taken care of.

Your doctor might have performed an episiotomy (Surgical cut of the perineal area) to allow more room for the baby head to come out or you might have torn while pushing out the baby. What is important at this stage is to maintain a good level of hygiene to ensure that the site of the wound heals well without being infected.


Here are 6 Steps to help with Quick recovery


1. Remember to change your pad every 4- 6 hours. Not changing pads regularly can lead to infection.

2. Perform the warm sit bath at least twice daily. To do this get a big bowl of warm and add an antiseptic sit in the bath for at least 20 minutes and ensure that hips and buttocks are submerged. Please do not use hot water as this might cause the stitches to melt.

3. Rinse the vaginal area with warm water that includes an antiseptic each time you go to pee.

4. As much as possible keep your hands away from the area to avoid infection.

5. Avoid tight clothing especially leggings or underwear that could rub off and irritate the area

6. Avoid sitting and standing for long periods. Sitting on a pillow can also help reduce pain from the site.

You might be afraid to have your first bowel movement after delivery because you fear the stitches might pop open but not to worry, this is most unlikely. Take a lot of fruits and water so that you can pass out stool without putting pressure on the sore.

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