A Step by Step Guide on How to Change your Maiden Name in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the process of changing your maiden name to your husband's name might come with a few hassles. You will need to follow a variety of processes, steps, and rules. This post will guide you on how to go about changing your maiden name in Nigeria.


Who is Eligible to Change their Maiden Name?

Anyone who lives in Nigeria or is of Nigerian descent that wishes to change their name officially is eligible to apply for a change of maiden name.


The change of name process is a legal right for all citizens, however, you must be above 18 years of age before you would be granted a change of name based on marital status or even other reasons.



Madrid System: Certified Documents from the International Register Go  Digital



Required Documents Needed for Name Change


  • 1. A completed application form addressed to the chief registrar


  • 2. A sworn and signed affidavit from the court of law, i.e sworn statement made under oath before an authorized magistrate officer. Ensure it's not more than a year old.


  • 3. A copy of the publication of the name change which has been published in the newspaper


  • 4. Passport size photograph displaying your recent image


  • 5. Proof of payment for the fees of publishing


  • 6. Attestation letter from a recognized individual in the country


  • 7. Personal information




Procedures to Follow when Changing your Maiden Name


Here are the steps to ensure a smooth process when changing your maiden name:


  • 1. Get a sworn affidavit from a court of law, this can be done by going to the registry department of a high court near you. The affidavit would include the reason you choose to change your name and would state the change of your name from the old to the new one.


  • 2. After swearing the affidavit, announce to the public your name changes by publishing it in any daily newspaper of your choice. A fee will be collected for the newspaper publication.


  • 3. Take your sworn affidavit to the documentation department of publication, civil registry, asking them to print your name in Nigeria’s official gazette


  • 4. You would be asked to pay a fee while submitting the required documents as stated above.


  • 5. Once the name is reflected on the official gazette make sure you print a copy of the page showing your changed name.


  • 6. Apply for new government documents so your documents may reflect your name change also.
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