Amatem Soft Gel: Is It Safe For You During Pregnancy?


Malaria is a common disease in tropical African nations like Nigeria, and the female anopheles mosquito is responsible for carrying this disease. The protozoan spreads malaria through blood bites. Although malaria is a disease that affects many people, it can be fatal without adequate treatment.  


Knowing which medications are safe to use while pregnant is essential because most pregnant women may get the illness.


What is Amatem Soft Gel?


Amatem is a brand name because other firms also produce the same medication under various names. Amatem soft gel contains Artemether and Lumefantrine, which treats malaria. 


The medicine amatem comes in various forms, from tablets to soft gel capsules. The soft gels promote efficacy and improve compliance in patients with trouble taking tablets.


Amatem soft gel is available in 20/120 mg and 80/480 mg dosages, although those who weigh 35 kg or more should take the 80/480 mg dose.


           How to Take Amatem Soft Gel 


The directions for using amatem are on the package before you use it. A pharmacist or medical doctor should prescribe it. Amatem soft gel should be used orally.


The dosage of amatem soft gel and the factors affecting its intake depends on the patient's age, weight, health status, and response to the treatment.


 The amatem forte 80 mg/480 mg is taken as a single initial dose, followed by four doses (80 mg/480 mg) twice daily for the next two days, then repeated as 80 mg/480 mg after 8 hours


The maximum adult dosage of amatem forte is 160 mg/960 mg per day, meaning an adult should only take two soft gel capsules of 80mg/480mg daily, as stated

 Side Effects of Amatem Soft Gel


Some people may experience some side effects when using amatem soft gel, whether or not they are pregnant. These symptoms can include rashes, nausea, headaches, dizziness, fever, and muscle pain.


These side effects may manifest differently depending on a person's unique circumstances and genetic makeup.


Combining grapefruit juice with amatem soft gel is not advised as this could increase the amount of the medication in the blood and pose risks to the body.


Is amatem soft gel safe in pregnancy?


Amatem soft gel's safety during pregnancy isn’t known. It is standard advice to prevent using it during your first trimester. As a result, if you've been diagnosed with malaria, it's critical to discuss the risks and advantages of this medication with a healthcare expert who can assess your medical history and circumstances.


It is safe to avoid amatem soft gel capsules or their variants unless you have been instructed otherwise by an informed healthcare practitioner who has assessed your circumstances.


However, do not use it during the first trimester or the first three months to avoid endangering you or your baby.


Malaria treatments for pregnant women are available and should be prescribed by your doctor or medical practitioner.


When you are feeling ill, the first thing you should do is contact your doctor. Contacting them can assist you in determining what is wrong with you and keeping you and your baby safe.


Malaria during pregnancy can have significant health consequences for both the mother and the fetus. Thus, treating the illness is critical.


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