Babymigo Medical Hero Of The Month: Dr. Olusola Alabi

Meet Dr. Olusola Alabi: A Visionary Mind Committed to Revolutionising Healthcare.


Dr. Olusola Alabi isn't just a part of our team; he embodies a vigorous pursuit of excellence that inspires all. His dedication to the Babymigo medical team is nothing short of remarkable.


His firm belief in patient education has led him to take the lead in enlightening Babymigo mothers about preventive and inclusive measures for a healthier maternal journey. His devotion to this cause is unparalleled.


In this enlightening interview, Dr. Olusola Alabi invites us into his journey into the realm of medicine, sharing his aspirations and painting a vivid picture of his vision for the future of healthcare systems. Join us as we delve into the mind of a visionary determined to shape a brighter, healthier tomorrow.


  • Tell us a bit about your background.

I graduated from the University of Ilorin in 2005. I have a postgraduate diploma in family medicine from the national postgraduate medical college and a diploma in healthcare quality and safety. I also hold a certificate course in healthcare management from the Enterprise Development Centre of Lagos Business School.


  • -What spurred you into specialising in medicine?

Specifically, I can not remember how young I was, but I knew from a very young age I told my parents I wanted to be a doctor. So it wasn’t that my course of choice was motivated by my parents. For example, I filled out my JAMB form and course of study myself.  


  • -What are your plans and aspirations as a healthcare professional?

 I am passionate about healthcare education and healthcare access. These two areas can improve health outcomes and, ultimately, the health-adjusted life years of our people.

  • -
  • What's the one advice you can give to other people looking to become health care professionals?

The advice is that they should come. Yes, it's a life of sacrifice, a life devoted to reading and self-development. The joy of seeing people get well after you have provided care is priceless.


  • -  What gives you the most satisfaction in being a part of Babymigo?

The joy of providing medical information in formats and models that is easy to embrace. Educating patients is something I am passionate about, and I am glad Babymigo gave me the platform to achieve that effortlessly.



  • - How big of a role do you think tech can play in improving maternal health in Nigeria, especially concerning the work Babymigo does?

Information regarding their health and their unborn or young children can be provided from the comfort of their homes and across continents without breaking a sweat. If we must reduce maternal mortality and morbidity, platforms like Babymigo must be amplified.


Some things should not be heard happening to pregnant women at this age. Tracking and counselling pregnant women is also a major thing Babymigo is poised to solve.


  • - What do you believe will accelerate the growth of the maternal health sector in Nigeria?

Technology and Healthcare Insurance



  • Finally, any words for our community of mamas?

Mamas are the best. Please seek counsel concerning your health and pregnancy, do not leave it to quacks. Platforms like Babymigo are an excellent source of help.

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