Babymigo Medical Hero Of The Month: Dr. Uwadia Omozele Martha

Welcome to the maiden edition of Babymigo's "Medical Hero Of The Month" – a dedicated spotlight on the unsung champions of Babymigo, our exceptional medical professionals.


In this maiden feature, we are thrilled to present Dr. Uwadia Omozele, a true exemplar of passion, perseverance, consistency, and unwavering commitment in the realm of pediatrics. From the early days of her career, conducting ward rounds with boundless enthusiasm, to ascending to a senior position in her department, Dr. Omozele's journey has been nothing short of inspiring.


With a wealth of experience and a remarkable track record, Dr. Omozele ensures that every child under her care receives the finest treatments and utmost attention. Her dedication transcends boundaries as she becomes a beacon of hope, wearing multiple capes to champion children's well-being not only within the confines of Babymigo but also in the broader community.


Beyond her individual contributions, Dr. Omozele collaborates tirelessly with our team to provide comprehensive care to children within the Babymigo family. Her advocacy for children's welfare echoes far beyond the hospital walls, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those she touches.


To gain deeper insights into her remarkable journey and experiences at Babymigo, we had the privilege of engaging Dr. Omozele in an exclusive interview. Join us as she shares her profound passion and commitment to shaping a brighter and healthier future for the children of our world.


BM: Tell us a bit about your background.


My name is Dr Uwadia Omozele Martha. I grew up in Ekpoma, in Edo State. I received my primary and secondary education in Edo State University Primary and Secondary School. However, it goes by a different name now. 


 I proceeded to Ambrose Alli University, where I obtained my Medical degree (MBBS) in 2013 and interned at Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Irrua Edo State.


To pursue my passion for paediatrics, I entered residency training at the Federal Medical Center, Asaba, where I am currently a Senior Registrar in the Department of Paediatrics. Asides from my medical career, I am married with 3 children.


BM: What spurred you into specialising in paediatrics?


My decision to specialise in paediatrics dates back to my medical school days during paediatric posting. I was intrigued by the passion displayed by my teachers in managing the children and how they wore many hats.


They became fathers, mothers, advocates, pastors, philanthropists, and other roles needed to make children better again. I knew I needed to join other paediatricians to put smiles on children's faces.


BM: What are your plans and aspirations as a healthcare professional?


I intend to join in bridging the care gap for children, especially concerning the outcome of childhood cancers in Nigeria. 


BM: What's the most significant advice you can give others looking to become health care professionals?


I advise anyone pursuing a healthcare career that passion should be the biggest reason for choosing this pathway. Being a healthcare professional is demanding and may not be as financially rosy as people think. Hence the passion for saving lives will always keep one going.



BM: What gives you the most satisfaction in being a part of Babymigo?


Babymigo allows mothers to share their unique experiences and challenges as they navigate motherhood.


Being part of a community that helps mothers navigate this exciting yet challenging period through prompt and actionable advice on medical and social issues comes with great satisfaction.


BM: What are some of your biggest challenges as a healthcare professional?


The unavailability of needed facilities for the sick is disheartening. Whilst these facilities are readily available in developing countries. We have a long way to go in Nigeria. 


 BM: How big of a role do you think tech can play in improving maternal health in Nigeria, especially in the work Babymigo does?


You cannot undermine the role of tech in healthcare. The availability of ready support, care and resources in Babymigo allows mothers to make timely, informed and appropriate decisions during pregnancy. It also prompts mothers to seek timely care. 


Also, the availability of experts in various medical specialities in Babymigo affords the mothers crucial lifesaving counsel and care in times of emergency.


 BM: What do you believe will accelerate the growth of the maternal health sector in Nigeria?


Efforts by the government to provide affordable and accessible healthcare for all pregnant women are crucial in reducing maternal mortality.


Additionally, continued education, support, and timely counsel provided to pregnant women by various platforms on successfully navigating pregnancy up to delivery is essential. It will enable mothers to recognise deviations early enough and take needed steps.


BM: Finally, any words for our community of mamas?


Motherhood is one unbelievably beautiful yet challenging experience. We are called as mothers to be our children's first teachers, priests, doctors, counsellors and friends. 


I urge us to relax and enjoy the journey of motherhood while gaining maximally from the support provided in the Babymigo community.



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