Babymigo Medical Hero Of The Month: Nurse Nun Damilola

Introducing Nurse Nun Damilola: A Multifaceted Midwife Dedicated to Diversity and Maternal Care.


Nurse Nun Damilola is not your typical midwife; she's a dynamic healthcare professional who brings impressive skills to her nursing practice. With a genuine belief in the power of diversity, Nurse Damilola seamlessly integrates various commendable industrious abilities into her role, setting her apart in the field.


At the heart of Nurse Damilola's passion lies maternal and child health care. Her commitment and dedication to the Babymigo family showcase her genuine enthusiasm for improving the lives of mothers and infants. Her outstanding contributions in the realm of maternal health have not gone unnoticed.


In this exclusive interview, Nurse Damilola sheds light on the life of a nurse, delving into the daily challenges, triumphs, and aspirations that drive her. Join us as we explore her inspiring journey, highlighting the pivotal role she plays in alleviating maternal health concerns.


  1. Tell us about yourself

I am Nun Damilola, a professional registered midwife who's compassionate about delivering care to women and families. I assist pregnant women to give birth to healthy babies.


 I am passionate about the family because the growth and development of a nation starts with the family. I am a faithful steward of God's resources and love to be the best I can be. I am strong-willed and achieve anything and everything I set my heart to do. I am also a Nurse-researcher who believes that the health system can be better with research. I love to make things happen.


As much as I am deeply rooted in nursing and midwifery, I am also an entrepreneur. I do many things (some of which I do as a hobby), ranging from being a milliner, graphic designer, and bridal accessories specialist. I work with an event planning company and started a career in digital marketing, all of these and still counting.


  1. What spurred you into a career in Nursing and Midwifery?

Although I'd always loved the health sector, Jamb issues took me to nursing. Along the journey, I found purpose in nursing (earlier, "I just wanted to leave home and go to school") and more profound convictions in the line of midwifery. I love to care for women concerning raising a family, as it regards childbearing.


  1. What are your plans and aspirations as a healthcare professional?

To get better in my profession while caring for people to healthy living. As I contribute my quota to the global healthcare system,  I want to be one of the known voices well respected in the health sector.


  1. What's the one piece of advice you can give others looking to become health care professionals?

You can become whatever you imagine if you set your heart to it. Don't be mediocre. For those already in the profession, you can acquire much more in the health system than you have achieved now. Above all, follow God's leading for your life.



  1. What gives you the most satisfaction in being a part of Babymigo?

Being a part of the pregnancy and birth process of pregnant women. I love to talk, and talking to and with pregnant women makes me happy.


  1. What are some of your biggest challenges as a healthcare professional?

Being underpaid and undervalued by the government is one big challenge facing the health sector. Little is being invested in the health sector.


  1. What do you believe will accelerate the growth of the maternal health sector in Nigeria?

Research and implementation of research findings.


  1. Finally, any words for our community of mamas?

As I love to say, every pregnancy is unique, so treat each as if you are having your first. You are strong and energetic, and you can give birth to your young ones alive. Being in a supportive community like Babymigo is a big win for you.

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