Babymigo Medical Hero Of The Month: Nurse Precious Omoregbee

Introducing Nurse Precious Omoregbee – Our Admirable Medical Hero of the Month. As a Public Health Nurse and Registered Midwife, she stands as a beacon of inspiration for the diversification of the nursing profession. Her unwavering commitment to specialising in a more expansive field has made her an invaluable asset to our esteemed medical team.


We consider it a profound honour to have Nurse Precious amongst us, making notable contributions that resonate throughout the healthcare community.


In this exclusive interview, Nurse Precious opens up about the challenges faced by professionals in her field in Nigeria and how she is leveraging her skills to advance maternal healthcare through innovative telemedicine practices at Babymigo.


BM: Tell us a bit about your background.


I completed my studies in Nursing Science at the University of Benin in Nigeria. I hold certifications as a Registered Nurse, Registered Nurse Midwife, and Registered Public Health Nurse. I am a Nursing officer at Igueben General Hospital, which falls under the Edo State Hospital Management Agency.


BM: What spurred you into specialising as a public health nurse?


I was drawn to public health nursing because I wouldn't say I like the limitations of being confined to a specific nursing role. I aspire to make a broader and more significant impact within the community, which public health nursing allows me to do.


BM: What are your plans and aspirations as a healthcare professional?


My aspirations for the future involve making a worldwide difference in public health, mainly focusing on women's mental health and adolescent health.