Can I breastfeed if I've had a Caesarean section (CS)?


You may need help picking up and holding your baby for a few days after the birth, breastfeeding will not harm your recovery from the operation.

Try to use positions where your baby does no press on your Tommy in any way.You'll need assistance, however, from a nurse, midwife, lactation expert or your husband for that first latch-on -- ask them to prop you up slightly and to help support the baby. 

Your doctor might recommend some medicines or pills after your delivery, and typically they're fine for nursing mothers and their babies. At most, they'll make your baby a bit sleepy. The benefit of the painkillers is that they'll help you relax enough to breastfeed and stimulate milk production.

The joy of breastfeeding is enormous even if caesarian section can leave you exhausted, it's still vital for your baby's health. 


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