CS Series 2- “Pregnant for my Boyfriend, Confused & Alone“

My name is Tola and this is my cesarean section story as a first-time single mom.



Finding out I was Pregnant


I got pregnant at 31 and as soon as I realized and mentioned I had taken in, my then-boyfriend told me to have an abortion.


Abortion? How did we get here? What if I lose my life during the abortion process? What if I have complications that will hinder conception in the future?


After thinking deeply about it, I decided to keep the pregnancy and out-rightly refused to have an abortion.





My Pregnancy Journey


Since I made the decision to keep the pregnancy, I had to be ready to face the consequences. My boyfriend never showed up, called, or texted.


I was ALONE!


Days rolled into weeks and I was 40 weeks gone.



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My Cesarean Section Experience


Labor started for me on a Tuesday with 2 cm dilation and excruciating pain. I was immediately admitted and checked into the hospital.


A few days before, I had done a scan that showed my baby was too big for a vaginal delivery. However, I was hopeful, and to help ‘shrink’ the baby, my aunt had gone ahead to get me some local herbs. Unfortunately, I went into labor the following day.


After over 24 hours of intense and painful labor, my doctors asked for my consent to carry out an emergency cesarean section. I didn't think twice about it.


The cesarean section was carried out successfully.


However, I wish I had the support of a partner and was not alone



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Support For Moms


Pregnancy and childbirth is a life-changing experience and all moms including women who go through cesarean section need as much support as possible.


I wish I had emotional support and more during my pregnancy.


However, my beautiful baby girl who is now six years old makes it all worth it.



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