Health Benefits Of Achi Soup In Pregnancy


Achi is a versatile condiment in soups endemic to the Eastern region of Nigeria. Achi seeds are used to prepare soups or as a thickener for other dishes. This article will outline the benefits and components of achi soup during pregnancy.



What is achi?


Achi is a dry, flat seed known as Akpa in Akwa Ibom and Calabar. The brownish seeds are ground and used as a thickener in soups and other dishes. Achi seeds are also a popular seasoning in oha soup. You can use achi seeds to prepare Achi soup with a smooth and sticky texture. 




Health benefits of achi soup in pregnancy


  • Promotes heart health: Achi soup has lipid-lowering abilities. This means that achi may help reduce fat build caused by bad cholesterols (low-density lip proteins) in your heart. This bad cholesterol is responsible for most heart diseases that block arteries and blood and oxygen flow to your heart.


  • Promotes wound healing: It contains antibacterial and wound healing properties due to the vitamin C component.


  • Analgesic properties: Achi helps to minimise pain by blocking the transmission of pain signals to your brain. It also blocks inflammatory agents that cause inflammation in the body. 


Does achi soup have any side effects in pregnancy?


Some mild side effects include headache, nausea, dizziness, or upset stomach.



How to prepare achi soup



Assorted meat

Ground achi seeds

Ugwu or uziza leaves 

Ground pepper


Seasoning cubes


Palm oil

Dry fish





  • Wash your assorted meat, stock fish, and dry fish and place them in a pot
  • Season with your seasoning cubes and salt
  • Boil till your meat is tender. You may remove your stock and dry fish to prevent them from getting too soft before your meat cooks properly. 
  • Add your stock fish, dry fish, crayfish, chopped onions, and pepper to your pot
  • Add your ground achi seeds and stir for a few minutes. Add more achi if the consistency is watery
  • Add your ugwu, uziza, or bitter leaf and cook for an extra 5 minutes 
  • Your soup is ready. Serve hot with any swallow of your choice.

Achi soup is a powerhouse of nutrients essential for your baby’s development. Achi seeds have tremendous benefits in pregnancy, which you can indulge. Serve with any swallow of your choice and enjoy. 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Is achi soup safe in pregnancy?

Achi soup is safe in pregnancy with no side effects. It is safe and healthy.


  • Can achi soup cause a miscarriage in pregnancy?

There are no reports of achi consumption causing a miscarriage. However, if you're in your first trimester or have had a previous miscarriage, eat in moderation.


  • Does achi soup have any side effects in pregnancy?

Achi soup only has side effects based on factors like allergies and reactions. 



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