How cool would it be to have your baby in the USA at a reasonable Budget? This company arranges everything for you without stress.


High-quality health care is essential to the health of you and your baby. It is one of many things we – as parents – strive to provide for our children, especially during delivery. Such things are not so easy to provide, as many countries lack the education and resources to fulfil our newborn's needs. For this reason, you may choose to set your sights on another country to have your baby; the USA.


Why USA is a Popular Destination?


The USA currently has some of the best healthcare facilities in the world. Most USA hospitals are outfitted with some of the most innovative technologies and attract the most highly educated medical professionals, nationally and internationally. Your baby will receive top-tier care before and after birth, with the best resources available.


Moreover, delivering your baby in the USA means that your child will have a right to claim US citizenship, guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution. With US citizenship, your baby will have the right to the highest quality of care, superb education, the chance to travel to many countries across the globe, and more. You can secure their immediate and foreseeable future by not only delivering your baby in the USA but do so by obtaining the highest caliber of treatment you and your baby can get.

Lifecircle Can Help You Achieve great delivery experience in America


About Lifecircle


Lifecircle is the premier luxury birth firm in the USA. From travel and accommodations to dealing with hospitals and medical staff, Lifecircle does it all. With four different packages to offer you everything from the best medical facilities to excellence in care and hospitality, you can relax as your stay in the USA will be handled for you.


What we do


Lifecircle is a firm that helps you with whatever you need to have your baby in the USA. We assist with travel and accommodations to the USA before your child's birth and facilitates your dealing with the hospitals and medical staff for a smooth process.


Whether you have a complicated pregnancy or simply want to ensure the success of your child's future, Lifecircle wants to help you delivery safely! With four different packages to offer you everything from the best medical facilities to excellence in care and hospitality, you can relax as your stay in the US will be handled for you.


You also get to enjoy peace of mind knowing that our facilities are the latest and are at the cutting-edge with technology.


This includes helping you find a residence, a personal chauffeur, guidance to the right physicians and hospitals with all your appointments booked for you, and much more. Private delivery wards and recovery suites are available, all designed with your comfort and safety in mind.


Their strategic contacts allow you to enjoy luxurious accommodations and top-rated medical care that no one else can provide. Lifecircle operates in and around the Washington DC metro area, where you will find a level of comfortability not available anywhere else.


Our Services?


  • We book all for you - from booking travel to scheduling medical appointments, you don't need to lift a finger.


  • Offering you transport to & from airports - relax after a long trip, and enjoy easy access to transportation, to and from the airport.


  • Providing Upscale accommodations - We personally handle all accommodations to ensure luxury while fitting your personal lifestyle.


  • Giving you the best and most qualified - Your personal concierge is vetted through rigorous screening to ensure each member anticipates every need.


  • Provides a Chauffeur and a car - enjoy the comfort of a personal chauffeur taking you exactly where you need to go, or drive a rental car of your choice.


  • We personally shop and clean for you - whether it's shopping for groceries or cleaning accommodations, we've got you covered.

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