How To Choose The Right Antenatal Hospital In Nigeria


Every expecting mother has one wish; to deliver her baby safely. Because of this, many expectant mothers start looking for a trustworthy healthcare facility months before their due date. 


What to look out for when choosing hospitals for antenatal classes

Choosing a decent hospital for birthing in Nigeria removes many potential issues and goes a long way toward ensuring the safety of both you and the baby. Below are the factors to consider;


  • The quality of care: The care a mother and her baby will receive from the time of pregnancy through birth and even after delivery is a solid reason to choose hospitals. You must consider a hospital that can accommodate both you and your baby.
  • The number of employees: The kind of experts the hospital employs are considered part of the workforce's quality. A midwife should ideally be present in a good hospital during childbirth. A midwife is essential to assist the doctor with childbirth.
  • A sufficient number of nurses should be available to support the midwife and the doctor during the birth. It is best if the hospital has more specialists on staff. You shouldn't quickly consider a hospital with a single doctor and nurse as staff. 
  • The hospital's location: This is one of the most important considerations. Pick a hospital that is close to you. You don't want to travel across your state on the day of delivery. The last thing you want is to travel a great distance to the hospital for delivery in Nigeria, where traffic is an issue, and the roads are terrible, especially if labour starts at night. Selecting a hospital that is close by would benefit you greatly. 
  • Enough room: Picture arriving on the day of delivery and being informed that every room is already occupied. In a small hospital, you might anticipate that. You should watch out for hospitals with lots of rooms. Tour the hospital to review the rooms and gauge their condition if you can.
  • Verify the room's size and condition, including the beds, the floor, the ventilation, and more. Take note of the tidiness of the rooms. Examine the hospital's equipment selection as well. In a hospital, some items, like oxygen, are crucial.

  • Delivery method: Regardless of whether you want a vaginal birth or a C-section, the hospital you select must be able to help you decide. Some women choose their chosen delivery method in advance, so it only makes sense to locate a hospital that can support your choice.
  • Cost: In the end, you must consider the hospital bill. Because of the severe insurance deficit, many people frequently pay their medical expenses out of pocket, including for deliveries.
  •  The cost of giving birth might vary in Nigerian hospitals, although it typically costs between 10,000 and 200,000 naira, depending on the midwife and hospital. However, certain hospitals in Nigeria will let you give birth for free if you have health insurance.


Switching hospitals for delivery

Before contacting the intended hospital where you now want to deliver, the doctor and midwife of your former hospital must first be informed so that they can also reach out to the doctor and midwife of the new hospital. You now have a different doctor and midwife and must register again there.


Antenatal classes are not expensive, but you may switch to another hospital if you feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with your antenatal hospital's services.  You should conduct thorough research before enrolling. However, if you're not completely satisfied, you can choose another hospital to give birth to your baby.


 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I choose a good antenatal hospital in Nigeria?

By taking a tour of the hospital and checking out the above factors.


  1. Can I change my antenatal hospital after enrolling?

Yes, you can if you are unsatisfied with the clinic's services.


  1. Can I switch hospitals for antenatal classes after paying?

Yes, you can. But you first need to speak with the doctor and midwife of your former hospital before switching.


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