Is It Safe To Use Miracle Leaves During Pregnancy?


The wonder of the world, also known as the miracle leaf is a rich and succulent herb that grows around the household. The herb got its name “Wonder of the world” due to its many benefits to man. In this article, we’ll explain if miracle leaves are safe for consumption during pregnancy. 



What is miracle leaf?

Miracle leaf or wonder of the world is a perennial plant with numerous benefits. This means it grows every two years. Botanically, it is known as Bryophyllum pinnatum. Miracle leaf originally originated from Madagascar and it's now grown in Nigeria. It is known as odaa opuo in Igbo and abamoda in Yoruba. It goes by various names like life plant, cathedral bells, and air plant. 




Health benefits of miracle leaf in pregnancy


  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Miracle leaves help to prevent damage to the cells and organs in the body. It fights viral infections effectively. 


  • Treats cough and cold: Miracle leaves are an excellent herbal treatment for cold and cough. 


  • Reduces blood pressure: Miracle leaf has essential nutrients and vitamins to help manage blood pressure during pregnancy by relaxing the blood vessels.


  • Aids in wound healing: Due to its antibacterial properties, it promotes faster wound healing. 


  • Manages headaches during pregnancy: A few teaspoons of miracle leaves may help reduce excessive headaches during pregnancy.


How to use miracle leaf

  • Wash leaf
  • Ground and squeeze out the juice 
  • Add a pinch of salt
  • Drink a small to moderate amount


Miracle leaf is a universal choice for a myriad of illnesses like cold and catarrh. It's a great addition to household vegetables. Consult your doctor before taking miracle leaf as it's a herb and should be used in cooking. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Can I slice it in my food?

Miracle leaf isn't a safe addition to your meals during pregnancy. Speak with your medical doctor for guidance.


  1. Can I add milk to miracle leaf juice?

You can add milk as a sweetener to prevent nausea and vomiting.


  1. Can miracle leaf prevent constipation?

Miracle leaf may aid bowel movement and soften stool during pregnancy


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