Myth or Fact: Can Safety Pins Protect Your Pregnancy?


Pregnancy can be overwhelming. It is always ladened with uncertainties. There’s a tendency for a pregnant woman to develop anxiety towards almost everything. There’s the intense self-consciousness each stage in pregnancy brings.


The pregnancy stage is when expectant mothers, especially first-timers, readily adhere to the information. Over the years, culture-inclined aversions have been on the rise.  


The influence of family as a source of some held beliefs plays a significant role. Research shows that about 78% of pregnant women obtain their supply of information from the female predecessors in the family, while the other 28% are religion based.


Safety Pins and Pregnancy 


Safety pins fasten pieces of fabric or clothing together. It is often used as an accessory to various shackles and turnbuckles. 


Regarding pregnancy, safety pins have been attributed to various cultural beliefs in the Nigerian context.


Culture is notable for its influence on beliefs and practices. The use of safety pins amongst pregnant women is one of such widely practised cultural beliefs.


The held practice is passed from generation to generation. It is believed that its usage protects the fetus against evil spirits and is equally an assurance for safe delivery.


 This evil spirit (according to cultural beliefs), when it crosses a pregnant woman at a particular time of the afternoon and sees no metal, enters her belly and possesses the child.


Is it safe to attach a safety pin during pregnancy?


No medical or scientific evidence proves that safety pins contribute to safe delivery. It is a myth!


Although no medical harm is known to have been inflicted on safety pin users, there’s still a need to address it to prevent potentially harmful cultural practices amidst promoting cultural healthcare centers and services.


Also, accidental pin injuries and the swallowing of pins by more minor children within that environment can occur.


Every pregnant woman’s dream is to deliver safe and nurse her child to greatness, so we understand that some of these suppositions can be worrisome.


There’s no need to fret. No evil spirit is possessing your child. Your baby's future is not determined or influenced by any spirit or man.


It wouldn't be needed if the safety pin is complementary to your outfit or serves embroidery purposes. It is pertinent to ensure you stay healthy and focus on nutritious meals. It is equally advisable that you sift any information that comes your way to prevent anxiety. 


 If you encounter any issue or cause to worry during your course, endeavour to consult your doctor. Remember, your health, safety, and baby are always our optimal concerns.


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