Nsikan Isaac: “My Favorite Part Of Being a Mom Is Becoming Absolutely Selfless“.

Nsikan Isaac is from Akwa Ibom State, She studied and graduated as a Petroleum Engineer at RSUST. Though currently working as an Actress, Producer, and Creative Director of Leia Cole Studios ... An alumnus of the Atlanta School Of Photography and BFI.



What's your favourite part of being a mom?

My favourite part of being a mom is becoming absolutely selfless, it teaches you true dedication and sacrificial love. Having a mini-human changed the entire course of my life in the most positive way... it’s absolutely unimaginable and beautiful!!!






How has the mom's life impacted your career?

Mom life made me restructure and readjust my career in a way that I had to become more strategic in the kinds of projects I involve myself in and also adjust my times to enable me to be very more available, so as to impact my kid’s life completely without leaving any stone unturned. I plan out projects, I just do not take anything and everything. I consider the times I have to dedicate and spend with her above anything else and work on most projects around it.






Tell us your two most memorable experiences as a mom

My two most memorable experiences uhmmmm.


Number one was the day of delivery, when I pushed out that mini human and carried her for the first time, I knew my life changed for good, she was so tender and gorgeous and immediately was looking for food, lol. she clung to my heart and I kept on stirring at her like “what an amazing love”!


The second memorable experience is like a series, she brings me flowers wherever she goes. she must stop to pluck your flowers and tell you she’s taking them to her mom.


She tells you her name is Leia (Heavenly Flowers) so she has to bring her mummy flowers and will then tell me we should use them for flower perfumes, lol.







Have you ever had mom guilt? If yes, how have you managed it?

My mom's guilt is sometimes feeling I am not giving enough, I feel like “oh I should have done it this way or that way”! Or Sometimes I scold her a bit hard and go back and scold myself, but then I’m like “that’s okay “ you have to do what you have to do. Even God chastises us so why can’t I chastise her, and then I take consolation in the fact that it’s not completely bad? Then I find a way to put her into a conversation that takes her mind off it, and she immediately follows suit. Or most times she comes around and says “I’m sorry mom, I promise to be a good girl next time”, and I tell her you are already good, just be better, and she tells me “that’s a pinkie promise” lol!






Are there things you miss about life before kids?

Hmmmmm just the liberty of just not bothering about a mini human, lol... But then it’s completely worth everything, and I do not think whatever I could be missing is worth a penny compared to the joy I feel in the current time.





What is the best piece of advice you could give to an expecting mom who is about to have their first child?

JUST don’t sweat anything, you will flow through the process naturally if you are willing, the process will teach you, and the more you do it, the better you will become at it.


Just do what you can, and everything else will sort itself, but then be satisfied with it.