Safe Home Remedies To Treat Your Cold During Pregnancy


Due to weakened immune systems, getting a cold is possible during pregnancy. It isn't particularly enjoyable, getting one while pregnant can be the worst scenario. 


Additionally, there are some medications for the common cold that you can take when you're not pregnant, but if you get pregnant, you have to decide whether or not to continue taking them.


We recognize this, which is why we've provided some secure home remedies in this post that you can use to treat a cold or the flu while pregnant.


Safe Remedies To Use


Use immune-boosting supplements

 Vitamin C, E, A, Selenium, and Zinc immune-boosting supplements offer the crucial elements required to maintain your immune system and aid in healing.


Prenatal vitamins come from a tablet or two, and most essential immunity boosters are available at most pharmacies. You would benefit from taking these supplements, which would aid in your recovery from the cold.


You might also try eating fruits like oranges, mangoes, pineapples, carrots, bell peppers, and strawberries that contain some of these immune-boosting nutrients.


 Use garlic or ginger

Due to its antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral characteristics, which help fight the viruses and bacteria that cause colds, garlic works rather well in preventing colds during pregnancy.


Additionally, garlic is quite efficient at lowering blood pressure, maintaining blood cholesterol levels, and encouraging blood flow. However, this has the drawback that some individuals can't stand the smell of garlic.


Like garlic, ginger is well known for boosting blood flow and thwarting cold-causing germs and viruses. Please take a little piece of grated ginger and boil it in water to use it. Consider including lemon and honey.


Inhale the warm, muggy air

Take a hot shower or a steam bath if you are experiencing nasal congestion while pregnant. Immersing yourself in steam is what it means to take a steam bath.


The simplest way to accomplish this at home is to grab a basin of hot water and add a few drops of mentholated or eucalyptus oil. Then, close your nose to the water to stop steam from escaping, and cover your head with a cloth. Do this for ten to fifteen minutes consecutively.


Stay hydrated 

It's crucial to stay hydrated while pregnant, even more, critical if you have a cold. Take at least 12 cups of warm liquids, including lukewarm water, to get rid of your runny nose, cough, weariness, soreness, and sneezing. You can also gargle salt and water to treat coughs or sore throats.


How To Reduce The Risk Of Catching A Cold?

Take certain precautions to prevent catching a cold while pregnant.  Some of these include: 


  1. Reducing the stress on yourself.
  2. Eating a balanced and healthy diet.
  3. Getting enough sleep for your body.
  4. Exercise as much as you can.
  5. Avoiding contact with people who have a cold. 



You can take medicines for a cold that won't harm her or her unborn child. Menthol candies would be an excellent illustration of this. But be sure to follow up with your doctor and obtain a prescription before taking any medication.


Have a pleasant rest, mama, and look after yourself this chilly season. 


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