Should You Use Funbact-A In Pregnancy?

The major organ in your body is your skin. Its purpose is to keep your body free from illness. Sometimes an infection can spread to the skin itself.


Many different types of microorganisms cause Skin Infections, and the symptoms can range from minor to serious ones. Skin diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites can all fall under this category.


What Is Funbact-A?

Funbact-A triple action cream is specially made for quick and efficient action. It is an antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory treatment. In addition to treating superficial bacterial or fungal skin infections, it offers a comprehensive treatment for a number of inflammatory dermatological conditions. One of the strongest topical corticosteroids now on the market, betamethasone dipropionate, effectively reduces symptoms like itching, redness, and scaling.


Uses Of Funbact-A

  • Funbact A is a treatment and preventative measure for psoriasis, fungus infections, skin issues, and other skin disorders. It should only be used if you have a bacterial or fungal illness.
  • It should be applied daily for a few weeks and gently on your body, paying special attention to any troublesome area alone. Also, there should be no prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Using Funbact-A triple action cream helps you quickly treat inflammatory skin conditions caused by bacteria and fungus. Because the cream and the soap work so well together, your skin can maintain its elasticity without leaving any oily residue. 
  • When applied to the damaged skin area, it gently releases its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties after locking itself into the skin. Additionally, it works wonders for eczema as well as mycotic infections. This works well to treat psoriasis.
  • Clobetasol is the primary active component of Funbact-A triple action. When used on the skin, it cuts back on releasing these inflammatory compounds by staying within the skin cells alone. As a result, your skin will seem perfect and toned and will be less swollen, red, and itchy. All skin types can use it.


Is it safe for use during pregnancy?

As a pregnant mum, much caution should be taken regarding your health and baby. Now the question is whether Funbact-A is suitable for a pregnant woman.


One of the components of Funbact A, clotrimazole, may be used during pregnancy but only under a doctor's supervision. However, little evidence supports the potential effects of locally administered Neomycin (also one of the components of Funbact-A) during pregnancy. 


Neomycin can cross the placenta and provide a danger of harm to the foetus if it is present in the mother's blood. Other epidemiological evidence is not yet available as there are no sufficient and thorough investigations on the potential of topically applied betamethasone dipropionate in expectant mothers.


Since there may be risks to the foetus, Funbact-A should only be used during pregnancy if the benefits outweigh the risks and with a doctor's prescription.


What are the side effects of Funbact-A?

  • There have been cases of hypertrichosis (excessive growth of hair), allergic contact dermatitis, burning, pigmentation alterations, and skin irritation from using Funbact-A. 
  • Funbact-A contains steroids, which significantly impact the quality of your skin and interfere with your body's ability to manufacture its own natural hormones, resulting in severe withdrawal symptoms when stopped. Even with medical issues, topical steroids are limited to 2 weeks due to the potential for significant side effects.
  • Stretch Marks: These are distinct from stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight gain. Stretch marks develop due to how steroids damage the skin's ability to maintain flexibility.
  • If hypersensitivity symptoms occur, the application should be stopped right away. The immune system side effects include Syncope, hypotension, dyspnea, and urticaria. It can also cause skin conditions, including blisters, soreness, oedema, irritation, peeling/exfoliation, pruritus, rash, and stinging/burning.

How much does Funbact-A cost?

The cost of Funbact A Cream in Nigeria is #750. Soap is sold for #500.



In Conclusion, the use of Funbact-A cream and soap should be used under a doctor's supervision. This is because there are lots of side effects that can affect the mother and child. Self-medication use of these products will not be advised.


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