Mother In Law troubles

Anonymous Tue 29-Mar-22 08:03:39

I understand that my mother in love wants to visit us often. How do I tell her to stop barging to my house unannounced. she doesn't even come like 3 or 4 times a year. She comes almost twice a week. we're far from her yet she comes to ours like the distance is rice and beans. I like her a lot but there should be boundaries right? I should tell my husband to tell his mother to reduce it right? Because I'm tired!

Faithteniola Fri 01-Apr-22 12:04:44 Add Message | Report

The best is just to tell the husband. He knows how best to put it to his parent. I can't imagine my mother in law barging into my home anyhow.

Ayanfeferrari Tue 29-Mar-22 08:03:03 Add Message | Report

Sorry mama, this kinda happens to women often. You're making sense. The best thing is to tell your husband about it so he can speak directly to his mother and let her know it's becoming too frequent.

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