No one should tell me how to train my child!

Anonymous Wed 27-Apr-22 07:04:37

I was out yesterday and a mean lady was out there telling me how to train my children. I told her off. I feel like no one should tell parents how to train their children, they've had their time with theirs.

This is my own time

Faithteniola Wed 27-Apr-22 09:04:21 Add Message | Report

I always say this. If you talk to me about my Parenting in a bashing manner. I'm coming for you. Lol

Ayanfeferrari Wed 27-Apr-22 09:04:03 Add Message | Report

And that's on......periodttt!

Mariawilliams Wed 27-Apr-22 08:04:33 Add Message | Report


Kinsmorris Wed 27-Apr-22 08:04:29 Add Message | Report

This! People need to understand this.

Annaomoriegbe Wed 27-Apr-22 08:04:28 Add Message | Report

Exactly. This comment makes me happy

Toberuorimolade Wed 27-Apr-22 08:04:35 Add Message | Report

I think everyone needs to understand this, you had yours, trainned them the way you want, it's my turn to train mine how I feel

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