Should I tell my Fiancé I've previously had 2 children in my past relationship?

Anonymous Sat 13-Nov-21 14:11:49

My marriage is on the 18th of December,2021 but I'm so scared. I'm really working on shell laterally. Not sure it's a good idea to tell my Fiance that I've previously had 2 children in my past relationship. I am pregnant now but I am scared I will lose him if he gets to find out.

Mind you, I love him so much. In fact, he has been a great husband too. I don't want to end up single with 3 children without a dad. All I do now is cry at night and I just don't know what to do because the guilt is so much.

Lillianmbata Tue 23-Nov-21 04:11:54 Add Message | Report

Very tough. You have to consider telling him at some point because he will surely find out down the line. May God grant you the wisdom.

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