Should turned me down 5 years ago, should I marry her now?

Anonymous Sun 06-Feb-22 08:02:03

It's a little long.

A girl I loved so much in our first year in uni. I was caring and all. She turned me down then in the most brutal way - with stern warnings never to try such rubbish again.

I took it like a man and even pleaded for her to forget it lets continue our friendship since we were on the same course and partners.

We were in the same city but she never visited me once. But I use to go to her place

On my birthday she didn't show up.

I went to see her along with my best friend then, who was studying in a different state, and one other friend. Gave her good money to cook. We ate.

Months later, I discover she and my best friend had been seeing each other since our meeting. To the point, she'd been travelling to see him before things turned sour between them

When I discovered it, she's started apologizing and begging, crying about how she'd like us to date. By this time I was no longer in the school - I had changed uni. To a different state.

More than 5 years on, she still professes love to me and wishes I marry her, but I made a vow to myself never to have anything to do with her after she and my best friend betrayed me.

Now she and my friend are sworn, enemies

If you were in my shoes, what would you do.

Mrsadeyemi Sun 06-Feb-22 08:02:16 Add Message | Report

And what else do you want to do.
She is ur ex and she should remain so.

Seunoladele Sun 06-Feb-22 08:02:25 Add Message | Report


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