Babyfest 2022: The Joy of Motherhood starts during Baby Showers

It is usually a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety when a pregnant woman approaches her third trimester. There’s this feeling of excitement that the mum-to-be will soon see her baby, and there’s also this feeling of anxiety to get relieved of the stress that comes with carrying the bump. 


Trying to conceive is one of the most significant experiences in a woman's life. Hence, once the baby is conceived, the family of the mum-to-be begins to celebrate, because of the joy that a new addition brings to the home. As the bump grows day after day, and month after month, different pregnancy symptoms are felt by the mum-to-be until the third trimester when she is fully in control and experiences fewer pregnancy reactions.


The excitement is heightened when a mum-to-be celebrates a baby shower a few weeks before delivery. The shower signifies the end of the pregnancy journey and the beginning of a greater celebration upon receiving the newborn. Families, friends, and well-wishers often put this together for the mum-to-be, and more often than not, photo shoots are taken in order to remember the journey after the baby must have been born. 


It is in this spirit of celebration, that BabyFest is planning to celebrate 50 mums-to-be at the biggest baby shower in Lagos. Pregnant women in their final trimester will be specially celebrated as part of activities marking the 2022 edition of BabyFest slated for August 28th, 2022.




The midwives will equally be celebrated for the role they play in ensuring that mother and child are fine after the delivery process. Tagged the Rose Awards, the all-important role of the mid-wives will be brought to the fore, as pregnant mothers and new mums who have had outstanding experiences with midwives will nominate them to receive the award in an open process via the website of the BabyFest – after which a shortlisting will be done by a carefully selected panel of judges.


According to her, “We welcome all pregnant women at the fair who will be in their third trimester as of August 2022 to participate in this fun-filled celebration that creates an exciting experience; as a mum-to-be usher in a new member of the family. A baby shower is an excellent opportunity to felicitate with mothers-to-be, as a baby’s arrival into the world brings so much joy and excitement to families and friends. We wish to celebrate these baby bumps before their bundles of joy are delivered. The Baby Fest upholds everything baby related; hence a well-decorated stand will be set aside for the Baby Shower at this year’s Baby Fest, in order to give about 50 mums-to-be a befitting shower”.


“In the same vein, we want to celebrate the mid-wives in the society who go all out to ensure these delivery processes are safe. Almost every one of us was birthed with the aid of a midwife at delivery and if they had not managed the processes well and dealt nicely with our mums, some of us will not be alive today. Stories abound of mums who have experienced very unprofessional and treacherous midwives. As is the case with many professions, there are good and bad eggs; and nursing and midwifery are no exception. What we have set out to do as part of activities at BabyFest is to publicly celebrate those that both new and old mums have positive and remarkable things to say about,” she added.





To participate, interested pregnant women who will be in their third trimester will be required to register at .Nominations for outstanding mid-wife will also be conducted on the same website. The joy of motherhood starts with a baby shower, and BabyFest is all out to spread the joy.

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