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Good day all. Please I have this disturbing question that needs swift responses. My baby girl clocked six months two weeks ago (EBF) and I introduced formula to her. We bought MY BOY formula that week and I noticed that the rate at which she poos increased, so I felt it's the milk and the following week which was last week, we bought NAN2,thinking that MY BOY wasn't fine with her. Now that NAN2,she still poos up to 5times a day. I have decided to stop giving her formula from now till tomorrow evening to be able to ascertain if it's the milk or not. Has any mom experienced this with their adorables? And what did you do? Please assist a worried mum.
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Enoabasi Okon
That is what I am using presently
Ayodeji Olayinka Adeyoriju
Some babies react to milk at first but they get used to it as time goes on. Keep adding it to her pap and let see how it goes.
Mommy David
[email protected] jumoke see a doctor then he knows d best
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