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Evening mum n doc in d house..... Please am 36 weeks gone nd my baby is still at breach position but my doc said we should hope he changes position bfor 38weeks. But That if at 38week he does not change den dey can decide on wat NXT to do.... Am kinda worried. also he weighing 2.44kg please is d weight normal.. Thirdly please how dos labour mucus look like cos in my 1st pregnancy I was ruptured I didn't see mucus or water... But now after using d toilet I felt some discharge just like egg white while cleaning up... Waiting 4 ur prompt response.
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Rosemary Seyi Layode
You've seen ur mucus show o. Not all mix with blood. Hope you've gone to the hospital. The weight is borderline and may be 3.5 in another scan elsewhere its small but acceptable. If baby is breech now u can do some movement to make it turn. Inbox me do demonstrate. But I think ur labor has started. Pls go for a check n let them tell u to stay home or not. Its not urs to decide at this point.
Khadijat Oluwafemi
@dbeautydoctor, OK tanks so much MA
Rosemary Seyi Layode
Sorry 2.5
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