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Afternoon Mon n doc,,,,... Please help me on dis ,Have bin having ON n OFF headache for over a month now, was at d hospital last week Friday, I was given malaria medicine and paracetamol,, no different so I went back on Tuesday to complain n I was given ibrofen n promazepam,,, I finished my dose yesterday, but I still feel headache, bitterness in d mouth n body weakness,,, N.B am a nursing mother Tanks in anticipation
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Good afternoon mum n Doc in d house.... Please I need idea on how to cope... Please I would resume work by Monday... My problem is if I stay away from my baby 4 Just 2hour my cloth would b messed up wit breast milk even wit d use of breast pad, now dat I would b at work 4 more Dan 8 hrs how do I cope.. My boy is 4month ND 5days..
Evening lovely mum n docs in d house pls wen can my baby start using Walker. He would b 4 month soon....
Baby Care
Gud evening mum n doc in d house.... My baby poop like 3-4 times in a day... I notice He always feel discomfort wen Eva he wants to poop,, he is a month old today. Please is it normal.. N.B he is on exclusive feeding
Breast Feeding
Morning to all d great Mama's in d house.. I promised I would share my testimony as soon God perfect his job... To God b d glory I put to bed a bouncing baby boy yesterday evening... Although it was to C.S but d lord took perfect control of evrytin... Wish every oda awaiting moda All d best
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Evening doc m mum in d house.... Please saw mucus plug yesterday nd feeling abdominal pain nd leg cramp... Went to d hospital dis morning d doctor said am 2-3cm dilated but since morning still d same tin nd d contraction is ON n OFF... now d doctor said is it remain d same till tomorrow I would hav to go back home.. DAT after all am just 36weeks plus... My fare now is since I'm dilating already is it safe 4 me to Go back home.... Please doctor in d house waiting 4 response
Evening mum n doc in d house..... Please am 36 weeks gone nd my baby is still at breach position but my doc said we should hope he changes position bfor 38weeks. But That if at 38week he does not change den dey can decide on wat NXT to do.... Am kinda worried. also he weighing 2.44kg please is d weight normal.. Thirdly please how dos labour mucus look like cos in my 1st pregnancy I was ruptured I didn't see mucus or water... But now after using d toilet I felt some discharge just like egg white while cleaning up... Waiting 4 ur prompt response.
Morning mummy nd doctors in d house,,,, I am 35 weeks nd 2 days gone, but I hav bin purging since yesterday morning.. Today I hav used d toilet thrice... Am now week please wat can I use to stop d purging ...
Evening Mother nd DR's in d house.... Please I'm in 32weeks now nd had my 2nd scan today but my baby is in breech position meaning d head is still up nd d bombom nd leg is down..... At what week is my baby to turn keep d head down nd legs up.... Please am scared. I need Clarification's