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Good afternoon mum n Doc in d house.... Please I need idea on how to cope... Please I would resume work by Monday... My problem is if I stay away from my baby 4 Just 2hour my cloth would b messed up wit breast milk even wit d use of breast pad, now dat I would b at work 4 more Dan 8 hrs how do I cope.. My boy is 4month ND 5days..
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Maureen Chinonso Obiduru
Get a breast pump to express. U can go with it to the office and express when u feel ur breast is heavy. Go also with bottles to store them after expressing.
Joy Kure Abumere
@Omolade19270, My baby is 5months he wouldn't take expressed milk., even cereal is fight, now I don't know either to just allow him feed on cereal at the Creche then breast milk at home. Ideas pls.
You could do it that way too. I thought it's from 6months you're supposed to introduce cereals? Try NAN1 formula he might like it
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