Cure to coughing My Baby of 2years+(precisely she will be 3 by April 5) has been coughing since some days ago. Pls what can I do? Four weeks ago she was given Amoxil, vitamin-C, Loratadine. Just a little change. Two weeks ago she was still coughing, and now plus fever. So, she was given Vitamin-C, 'Cof & Cartah', Paracetamol. it was only suppressed. Last week Tuesday 23/03/2021 she was given Pythrocin, Tuxil-D, Archiprofen, Coartem. And I noticed that by Friday 26/03/2021 evening the cough has gone. I was so happy! Having returned home from school on yesterday Monday 29/03/2021. I noticed that she is coughing again. Pls what can I do? I need help!!!
Please take your baby to the hospital asap especially a general hospital. He might be tested for TB and other related diseases. Please treat as urgent. Go very early tomorrow