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Morning mummies and doctors in the house, please can someone give me the hot water and uda recipe and how to take it. Am not Ibo and I have nobody to learn from although this is my second child, everything I have known n learnt on parenting is on internet oh. I Neva knew about it when I had my 1st child. Thanks
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Chida Glitaz
There is also ds herb they sell it is called ahihia ogwu doz Igbo women sell it.. Very nice for women who jst put to bed
Chida Glitaz
U buy it wash it boil it untill u see it color like lipton color, then wash ur stock fish and( meat if u like) and boil with d water adding ur seasoning to taste uziza seed and uda u pound it in generous quantity add it, add pepper, then get small chopped yam jst a small piece pound it and add to d boiling pot ds is to make it a little thick.. Once d yam is dissolved then u add ur chopped uziza leaf after a minute ur soup is ready. D soup is watery so u enjoy it with spoon
OK, thanks
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