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Hello mum's and doc's in the house. I noticed that my baby weight has reduced. He weighed 7kg at 3months and that he's almost 5months, the weight has dropped. My major concern is maybe he's not getting enough breastfeeding that maybe I should introduce formula feed to him. Please should I go ahead and introduce the formula feed and which one should I go for that will boost his weight. Thanks
Breast Feeding
Compliments of the season to mum's and doc's in this forum. I want to ask question bothering me. My two and half years old daughter has been coughing for more than two weeks, after using series of antibiotics and cough syrup, the cough hasn't gone. What can I do to make the cough go?
Baby Care
I really appreciate everyone on this forum for your kindly opinion in any questions been asked here. I finally put to bed a bouncing baby boy yesterday. I thank you all for words of encouragement. Bless you and happy Sunday.
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Hello mums and doctors in the house. I want to ask few questions bothering my mind. How long does it take to deliver naturally when one has passed is due date? Another one is that i have been having constant stomach upset, is that a sign of contraction or labour. Please put me in your prayers cos have pass my due date and it is making me to feel depressed.
Good day moms and doctors in the house. Am 35wks plus. What can I apply to my two thighs? Is really paining me.
Hello mum and docs in the house. Well, straight to my question. Am in my 26weeks of pregnancy, I used to feel a kick in my lower part of my Tommy making me to feel like I want to pee,though no often. What could be the cause? waiting for your quick response. Thanks in anticipation.
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Good evening mom's and doctors in the house. Happy Palm Sunday. Straight to my question,is it advisable to take cough syrup during the second trimester for coughing?