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Hello mothers and doctors in the house. I lost my baby at birth in february. I saw my first menses in April and never see again. Am 10 days late now and I went for blood test, the result is negative. What can be the problem
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Okafor Juliet Ezenwa
Sorry for the loss, run another test in two weeks time
Rosemary Seyi Layode
Sorry Cathy. I was in the middle of something else. Some ppl see their period when pregnant. But I don't know why its negative. What type of test did you do? Blood is the most effective. If not you can try again next month
Olamiposi Ololade Ademuyiwa
Sorry for the loss, ur Joy shall be full soon. I think ur body system is reorganizing itself, just keep up with ur Sex life. By God's grace, this time next month u will begin the journey to motherhood. #Bighug
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