How Often Do You Affirm Your Children?

Positive sentences or phrases that you repeat to yourself with the goal of changing your beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors are known as affirmations.


Affirmations are frequently directed at a specific objective or area of your life that you wish to enhance, such as your relationships, health, or confidence.

Statements like "I am confident", "I am deserving of respect," or "I am healthy and beautiful" are examples of affirmations.


Affirmations can be consistently used as part of a daily routine and can be repeated out loud or silently to yourself.


Some Of The Ways To Affirm


Regularly express your love and affection for them through both your words and your deeds.

Encourage them to pursue their passions and interests by acknowledging and praising their special abilities.

When they talk to you, pay close attention and be fully engaged. Also, express sincere interest in what they have to say.

No matter how minor they may seem, appreciate and celebrate their successes.

Give encouragement and appreciation for good deeds and optimistic mindsets.

Provide a secure and encouraging environment where people can express themselves without fear of harassment.

Encourage them to view obstacles and failures as chances for growth and learning to aid in the development of a growth mindset.

When they are having a hard time, be kind and sympathetic and provide emotional support.

Encourage children to respect and value one another, as well as to treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Encourage them to have faith in their own abilities and to pursue their goals with courage and tenacity.


Examples Of Affirmations.


Even before you are born, you are treasured and adored.

Any obstacles you face will not deter you because of your strength and capability.

You are a rare and one-of-a-kind soul with a place and a reason for existing in this planet.

You are a blessing to your world and a solution to your generations


For your loved ones and the people around you, you are a source of joy and happiness.


You are prospering and in good health, and you will carry on advancing in the finest manner.


You are meant for greatness, and you will realize all of your goals.


You are a living miracle who fills the world with surprise and admiration by simply being there.


You are divinely protected and no harm will come near you.


You are smart, blessed and so intelligent.


You are a go-getter and I love your strength.

You are beautiful and kind

You are handsome and gentle

You can add as many others as you want.

Until the reality of these words starts to play out in their lives, don't stop saying it.


Never stop to affirm them because it will help to shape their perspective about life and about themselves as they grow.


Speak good words to your children today!

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