Intentional Parenting: How to Build Confidence in Your Children

As an Intentional parent, the goal should be to ensure that your child leads a well-rounded life and is the best at all times. To effectively train a child, one needs divine wisdom and help to put that child on the right path.


A lot of children struggle with low self-esteem and self-confidence. This may affect a major part of their development and how they view life as adults.


One of the crucial parts of bringing up your children is to instill boldness and confidence in them. Show love and accept them for who they are. Be there when they need to talk to you and be friendly.


If children don't feel a sense of love and value from their parents, they may begin to doubt themselves and create a negative image of who they are. This will affect their self-worth and self-esteem and their views about life as they grow. 


They will also start to compare themselves and many unhealthy views about who they are will start to grow. If you notice these things in your child, you already know such a child is battling with self-confidence.


A child's confidence can be affected by the parent. The child mirrors his parents and observes everything they do or say. There are high chances that children will develop such a negative attitude or behavior they mirror their parents.


How Can You Build Self Confidence in Your Child?


  • Be a good role model.
  • Praise your child's effort. This means if he doesn't have an A, appreciate his efforts even with the B and let him know he can always do better
  • Pay attention and always give a listening ear. Children always want to communicate and even if they don't, learn to study and ask questions when you notice mood changes.
  • Do not criticize harshly.
  • Study his/her strengths and help to build them.
  • Affirm positively. Teach them to say positive words to themselves also.
  • Teach and correct in love.
  • Help your child to learn new things.


In conclusion, having a physically healthy child is beautiful, but also making sure that your child is healthy and balanced in all other areas of life is very crucial too. So mamas, prioritise the mental well-being of your child. 

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