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Good morning doctor, pls should a baby of 10weeks take paracetamol after immunization? Thanks.
Dr Aina Johnson


Yes it is okay for a baby to take paracetamol to soothe his pain or calm fever after immunisation. The paracetamol should be given immediately AFTER the immunisation especially if s/he develops a fever.... So give one dose first AFTER the vaccination and if no subsequent fever, you can stop.
My baby will be 10weeks by next week but does not take more than 60ml of expressed breast milk at a feed. She feeds on at most 4 b...
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The quantity of milk to be taken depends on the babies weight. Babies require approximately 100ml per kg per day. So check your babies weight, then express about 100ml for each kg everyday. Then divide the total quantity expressed into portions to be fed every 3hours.
My 10 weeks old baby struggles by stretching and straining when he wants to poop. This is making him not to sleep. The situation b...
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What your baby is going through is called COLIC. It usually resolves on its own within age 3-4 months.
I'm so glad to be part of this group, you are really doing great work here, please ma, my son of 10 weeks breathes heavily sometim...
Dear mom, It depends on the reason for the heavy breathing first. Kindly see a Paediatrician or ENT surgeon for further evaluation and management
After the 10-weeks vaccination pent etc my baby of 2 months constantly throws out breast milk even when he’s still sucking. Or a...
What your baby is experiencing is called reflux and has nothing to do with the immunisation taken.
Is it normal for a baby on EBF 10 weeks not to poo for 3days But fart its smells? But sacks normal I mean very well. Advice a worr...
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Babies on EBF do not need to poo daily, they can stay up to 2weeks without having to poo. Sometimes, they can even poo up to 12 times in a day. As long as the stools are normal. There's nothing to worry about.
My baby is 10 weeks and her weight is 4.9. I hope she normal?
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Dear mum, she is doing pretty well. Just continue to breastfeed.
My baby of 10weeks plus is having temperature and passing watery stool and the stool is drawing, she is on exclusive breastfeeding...
Regarding the mucus in stool, there is no need to worry.... Just continue exclusive breastfeeding. Kindly pay attention to your own diet and avoid herbal remedies or drugs that are not prescribed by the doctors which may pass via the breast milk to affect the baby. Avoid heavy spicy or flavoured foods, as well as some, also affect the baby when passed via the breast milk to the baby! If MUCUS persists in the stools kindly see a Paediatrician for thorough evaluation and management!"
I have a 10 weeks old daughter, she recently passed watery. I gave her a zinc sulphate pill and gave an oral rehydration solution....Yesterday she passed another stool but it wasn't watery like the one she passed on last week. I still continued on ORS and gave he...
Please stop the ORS and oral zinc....it is not for newborns or 2 months old!!! For infants, always see a paediatrician first before starting first aid
Is it normal for a baby to run high temperature after 10 weeks immunization? Baby has poo 5 times over the night unlike the usual...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Hello ma'am Fever is a common side effects of immunisation. Give paracetamol every 6 - 8 hours for the 2-3 days . With respect to the poo, as long as the poo is normal and doesn't sink completely into the diaper then there is nothing to worry about. Also, make sure you are checking the temperature of your baby using a thermometer. All the best
How do i avoid my baby running temperature and crying after immunisation?How do I avoid my baby running temperature and crying after immunization? The last time she had 6 weeks of immunization. She had a...
Atimes, u cant avoid it but u can try this method that worked for me. Give ur baby PCM in d morning before going for immunization, give him/her again after taking it and repeat at night. Tepid sponge also if d fever comes up. He/She will be fine.

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